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Now the current injection molding industry, it is not difficult to find that injection molding factories with a certain scale have begun to march towards automation and unmanned chemical factories.

The automatic and unmanned injection molding method can reduce the problem of machine adjustment caused by the instability of manual start-up. On the premise of mass production, it can also reduce production expenses.

Automation in Injection Molding

What is automation in injection molding?

Injection molding machine automation means relying on injection molding manipulators to replace manual use. The use of injection molding manipulators can greatly increase productivity and reduce production costs, stabilize and improve the quality of injection molding products, and avoid losses caused by human errors.

The traditional manual mode of injection molding has low efficiency and great potential safety hazards, which can no longer meet the needs of society and customers. Various enterprises and factories are seeking breakthroughs and gradually joining the large team of injection molding automation.

How to realize the automation of injection molding machines?

For how to realize the automation of injection molding factories, I believe that many people only think of special manipulators for injection molding machines. In reality, if we want to realize unmanned and automated injection molding factories, in addition to investing in manipulators, we also need the cooperation of central feeding systems, conveyor belts, sensing technologies, and intelligent industrial software.

The automation of the injection molding factory can make low-tech, simple and repetitive, high-intensity labor complete with machinery, and with the help of conveying technology, all injection products can be transported to the air-conditioned operating room in a comfortable environment, so that the original busy logistics in the workshop can be smoothed out, and also The injection molding workshop, which was initially brightly lit at night, does not even need to turn on a light.

What industrial control equipment does the automated molding factory have?

  1. Controller — the brain of the automated factory
  2. Robot — the staunch executor of the automated factory
  3. Servo motor — the muscle that provides power for the automated factory
  4. Sensor — the touch of the automated factory to feel the external information
  5. Inverter—automatic factory energy saver
  6. Solenoid valve — the rib of the automation factory
  7. Industrial camera — vision of automated factory
  8. Instrumentation — the pulse of the automated factory
  9. Automation software—thinking of automated factory
  10. Control cabinet
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