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Among numerically controlled lathes, those without tool magazines are referred to as CNC milling machines, while those with tool magazines are known as CNC machining centers. CNC, short for computer numerical control, equips automatic lathes with program control systems. The CNC system processes programs using control codes or other symbolic instructions to guide the machine in moving and processing parts.

Machining centers, equipped with tool magazines and automatic tool change capabilities, excel at producing workpieces with multiple processes after a single clamping. These highly mechatronic products use the CNC system to control various processes, including tool selection, tool change, spindle speed, and feed adjustments, enabling continuous drilling, boring, milling, reaming, tapping, and other operations. As a result, the time spent on workpiece clamping, tool measuring, and other auxiliary processes is significantly reduced. This efficiency has a profound economic impact on manufacturing parts with complex shapes and high precision requirements.

The top 10 CNC Machine Manufacturers globally include:

  1. MAZAK CNC Machining Center – Japan (founded in 1919)
  2. GF AgieCharmilles CNC Machining Center – Switzerland (founded in 1802)
  3. GROB CNC Machining Center – Germany (founded in 1926)
  4. DMG MORI Precision CNC Machining Center – Germany (founded in 1870)
  5. Makino CNC Machining Center – Japan (founded in 1937)
  6. YASDA CNC Machining Center – Japan (founded in 1929)
  7. Chiron CNC Machining Center – Germany (founded in 1921)
  8. Okuma CNC Machining Centers – Japan (founded 100 years ago)
  9. Hermle CNC Machining Center – Germany (founded in 1938)
  10. Haas CNC Machining Center – United States (founded in 1909)

These manufacturers have a solid reputation and excel in producing high-quality CNC machines used in various industries worldwide.

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