Metal bending

Metal bending is a process that involves the plastic deformation of metal along a single axis. This process changes the shape of the metal, but does not break it. The principle of metal bending is based on the concept of plastic deformation. When a force is applied to a metal beyond its yield strength, it causes the material to deform plastically, meaning the metal will not return to its original shape after the force is removed. The yield strength refers to the level of stress that a material can withstand without undergoing permanent deformation.

Common methods of metal bending includes V-bending, U-bending, and roll bending. Each method uses different types of machinery and techniques: V-Bending: A punch presses the metal sheet into a die with a V-shaped opening, creating a bend. U-Bending: Similar to V-bending, but the die has a U-shape to create a different bend profile. Roll Bending: The metal sheet passes through a series of rollers that gradually create a curved profile. Currently CapableMachining provides V and U-bendings, we don’t do roll bending yet.

The force required for bending is determined by several factors, including the yield strength of the metal, the length and thickness of the section being bent, and the radius of the bend. In terms of power, the work done in bending metal is equal to the force applied multiplied by the distance over which the force is applied. This is generally provided by mechanical or hydraulic systems in the bending equipment. Equipped with best modern bending machines CapableMachining is capable of handling a wide variety of bending operations and producing complex parts with high precision.

Sheet Metal Bending Specifications

Items Specs
Maximum Part Size2m x 2m
Metal Bending ForcesUp to 500 tons
Bending Line LengthUp to 7200 mm
Bending ThicknessUp to 50 mm
TolerancesWe apply ISO 2768 C
Bend to edge/hole, single surface+/- 0.25 mm (+/- 0.010 in.)
Bend Radius1x thickness
Bend Angle+/- 1°
Lead Time3~5 days

Materials for Plasma Cutting

The following is a list of metal material supported by CapableMachining’s CNC plasma cuttings. Other metal material may also be available up to request.

1045 Steel

Aluminum 2024

Aluminum 5052

Aluminum 6061

Aluminum 6063

Aluminum 7075

Brass 59

Brass 70

Bronze 220 H02

Copper T1

Copper T2

Copper T3

Stainless Steel 17-4

Stainless Steel 17-7

Stainless Steel 301

Stainless Steel 304

Stainless Steel 316

Stainless Steel 410

Stainless Steel 430

Stainless Steel 440C

Steel 1008, zinc-galvanized

Steel 1018

Steel 4140

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