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EDM machine is a kind of mechanical processing equipment, which is widely used in the manufacture of various metal molds and mechanical equipment. Its working raw material is a special processing method that uses the electric erosion effect generated by the pulse discharge between the two electrodes immersed in the working fluid to erode conductive materials, also known as discharge machining or electric erosion machining.

EDM machine

Classified by processing object

1. Metal wire EDM machine: mainly used for cutting and processing of metal materials, such as steel, copper, aluminum and so on.
2. Non-metallic wire EDM machine: used for cutting non-metallic materials, such as ceramics, stone, etc.

Classified according to the control method

1. CNC wire EDM machine: Adopting computer control system, it can realize high-precision and high-efficiency cutting processing.
2. Manual wire EDM machine: manual operation is required, suitable for some simple cutting tasks.

Classified by cutting method

1. Melting EDM machine: The metal material is heated to a molten state by electric spark, and then cut through the flowing liquid metal.
2. Ablation EDM machine: ablation is generated on the surface of metal materials by electric spark, and then cut by electric spark wire.

Classified according to the way the workbench moves

1. Fixed wire EDM machine: the table does not move, and the distance between the electrode wire and the workpiece is controlled by the movement of the cutting head.
2. Mobile wire EDM machine: the worktable can be moved, and the distance between the electrode wire and the workpiece is controlled by the movement of the worktable.

Common types in the market

Mirror EDM machine: high precision, especially in the application of precision molds, the advantages are obvious, the processed molds do not need to save mold, but the cost is high.

Plastic mold EDM machine: mainly used for electrical discharge machining of plastic molds, cheap and widely used

Folding fine-hole EDM machine: used for punching, that is, to punch a hole in the mold.

ZNC EDM machine: Z-axis numerical control, X-axis and Y-axis manual, is a more practical spark machine

CNC EDM machine: XYZ three-axis numerical control, the spark machine has many functions such as automatic profiling, automatic heart-seeking, automatic programming, G code programming, three-axis linkage discharge, etc.

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