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Screen printing is a process of using silk fabrics, synthetic fabrics or wire mesh, stretching it on the screen frame, and making printing plates by hand-carving paint films or photochemical plate-making methods. By squeezing the squeegee, the ink is pushed through the mesh and onto the substrate to create the same graphic as the original.

The printing equipment is simple and easy to use, the process of plate making and printing is simple and low in cost, and has wide applicability. It has applications in many fields, such as color oil paintings, posters, business cards, bound covers, commodity signs and printed and dyed textiles.

screen printing

However, from an environmental point of view, the printing is considered to be a polluting process, because the plate-making process will produce developer, the ink used will also cause ink buckets, and wastewater and waste rags will be produced during cleaning.

Compared with other printing methods, the printing has the following advantages:

1. Strong printing adaptability: the printing can be carried out not only on flat surfaces, but also on curved surfaces, spherical surfaces and concave-convex surfaces, and is not limited by the substrate material. It can also use indirect printing methods, first printing on gelatin or silicone plates, and then transferring to substrates, which has a wide range of applications.

2. Thick ink layer and rich texture: The ink layer of screen printing is thicker than other printing methods, which can create rich texture and three-dimensional effect. This makes screen printing have unique advantages in the visual effect of printed matter.

3. Strong light fastness and bright color: screen printing can use a variety of inks and coatings, with excellent light fastness, suitable for applications that require durability such as outdoor advertisements and signs.

4. Large printing area: Compared with other printing methods, screen printing can achieve a larger printing area, and the size can reach several meters, which is suitable for large-scale printing needs.

In conclusion, screen printing has unique advantages in many aspects, making it one of the important printing processes in various application fields.

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