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Publish various Surface Treatment knowledge and latest information about Surface Treatment as well as capabilities and advantages of CapableMachining in this industry.

Enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your parts, regardless of the manufacturing process employed, through our top-notch surface finishing services. We excel in delivering high-quality finishing services for metals, composites, and plastics, enabling you to materialize the prototype or part you envision with precision and excellence.

We provide all kinds of surface treatment: Bead Blasting, Anodizing,Electroplating, Polishing,Powder Coating, Brushing, Painting, Black Oxide, Alodine,art Marking, etc.

Comparing Electropolishing and Passivation: Which Surface Treatment is Right for Your Needs


Table of Contents Electropolishing The Process of Electropolishing Benefits Improved corrosion resistance Enhanced surface finish Increased durability Versatile Passivation The process of passivation Benefits Enhanced cleanliness Compliance with industry standards Improved aesthetics Cost-effective Environmental benefits Electropolishing vs. Passivation Conclusion When…

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