Tag Types of Electrical Discharge Machining

EDM is a kind of machining equipment, mainly used in EDM processing, commonly used classification is as follows.


First, Forming EDM

Classified according to numerical control function:

1. Traditional type EDM machine: It adopts traditional switching circuit control.

2. Single-axis numerical control (ZNC) EDM: Z-axis numerical control, X-axis and Y-axis manual, is a more practical type of EDM machine

(1) Digital CNC EDM machine with single crystal control.

(2) Industrial control type CNC EDM machine using industrial computer PCBASE control.

3. Three-axis CNC EDM machine

(1) PNC only positioning movement function.

(2)2D half CNC can do rocking side put XY axis linkage and Z axis different positional processing.

(3)3D CNC can do any 3D three-axis continuous machining.

According to the machining performance classification:

4. Mirror EDM: It is a kind of EDM that can process the mirror effect, which is the best EDM today, and the processed molds do not need to save the molds, which can be used directly in the production, which saves labor and improves the efficiency, and the mirror EDM has high precision, which has obvious advantages in the application of precision molds.

5. EDM machine for tungsten steel processing: fast processing speed for tungsten steel, small electrode loss (e.g.: Silicon tungsten steel processing EDM machine).

6. Graphite electrode special processing EDM: for the use of graphite electrode processing speed, electrode loss of small (such as Silicon special graphite processing EDM).

Second, a fine-hole EDM machine is also a kind of EDM, its main purpose for punching processing, is to make a hole in the mold. General machine type processing hole diameter 0.3 ~ 3.0MM, more precisely, machine type can be processed to < hole diameter 0.1MM.

Third, the wire-cutting electric discharge machine

1. fast-wire wire-cutting EDM machine processing speed is slow and has poor precision, but the price is low. Adopt molybdenum wire processing.

2. medium wire EDM machine processing speed is slightly faster precision is slightly better, the surface roughness is good, and the price is moderate. It adopts molybdenum wire processing.

3. slow-feed wire-cutting EDM Fast processing speed, good precision, good surface fineness, high price. Copper wire processing.

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