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Waterjet cutting is a precise manufacturing process that uses high-pressure water, sometimes with added abrasive particles, to cut through various materials.

It works well for metals, composites, glass, and more in industries like aerospace and automotive. Water is pressurized and forced through a small nozzle, cutting the material with accuracy.

water cutting

This method is versatile, creating intricate designs and preserving material quality. It’s eco-friendly, generating minimal waste and no harmful fumes.

While it’s slower for thick materials and has initial costs, waterjet cutting is essential for crafting components in aerospace, automotive, and architecture. There are two types: pure waterjet for soft materials and abrasive waterjet for harder substances. This process is a key player in modern manufacturing, allowing precise cuts across different materials and industries.

An Introduction to Waterjet Cutting

What is waterjet cutting? What is waterjet cutting? Brief History and Development Working Principles The Waterjet Cutting Process Measuring kerf width Initial waterjet piercing Tapering in kerf width Pressurizing High-Pressure tubing Cutting Head Pure waterjet cutting Abrasive waterjet cutting Applications…

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