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Experience the full spectrum of custom engineering and manufacturing services, catering to your needs from prototyping to on-demand production of sheet metal parts. Our low-cost fabrication solutions are tailored to deliver excellence for your projects.

The fabrication has various processes.

Laser Cutting: Our powerful lasers expertly slice through sheet ranging from 0.5mm to 20mm in thickness, crafting top-notch prototype sheets for a wide range of parts.

Plasma Cutting: Embrace the versatility of CNC plasma cutting in our custom services, perfect for precision cutting of thicker metals.

Bending: After the cutting process, we skillfully shape steel, stainless steel, aluminum parts, and custom prototypes through our efficient metal bending techniques.


An Introduction to Waterjet Cutting

What is waterjet cutting? What is waterjet cutting? Brief History and Development Working Principles The Waterjet Cutting Process Measuring kerf width Initial waterjet piercing Tapering in kerf width Pressurizing High-Pressure tubing Cutting Head Pure waterjet cutting Abrasive waterjet cutting Applications…

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