Various 5-axis high-precision CNC machining equipment, we can provide high cost-effective precision CNC machining services in Colorado.

CNC Machining Services for Colorado

Get high-quality, and professional engineering service from an experienced manufacturer.

Custom Parts, On Demand Manufacturing

Discover excellence at CapableMachining, your premier destination for top-tier CNC machining services. With a core focus on precision and expertise, we deliver unparalleled solutions for all your machining needs. Trust our team of skilled professionals to ensure outstanding results, managing your projects with the utmost precision and efficiency. Immerse yourself in the ultimate experience of CNC machining services by choosing CapableMachining today!

CNC Milling

CapableMachining use 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC milling to manufacture parts from more than 40 different plastics, metals, and rubbers. For small and massive volume production, first article inspection (FAI) is available upon request. Tolerance up to +/- 0.0004”(0.01mm). You can also get competitive prices for various additional heat treatments (aging, aneal, quenching, temper, and more), and surface treatments (anodizing, chromate plating, passivation, etc.).


CNC Turning

CNC Turning and CNC Turn-Mill machining often provide better precision and speed for parts with primary cylindrical features. We use CNC lathes with multiple turning tools, ensuring fast and accurate manufacturing, particularly good at making parts primary to be a cylinder but with complicated features like flats, slots, and holes. Maximum Diameter: 500mm or 19.7-inch; Maximum Length: 1800mm or 70.9-inch;

cnc machine

General Workflow of CNC for Colorado

1. Select a service and upload files
2. Get engineer feedback and quote
3. Manufacturing Start
4. Parts are delivered

CNC machining surface finishes in Colorado

We prioritize customer fulfillment by providing a range of secondary processing options, such as spray painting, silk screen printing, laser engraving, and other services, to enhance their overall experience.

Sand Blast
sand blasd
Laser engraving
UV coating
Silk screening
Electroless Plating
Laser engraving
Black Oxide
UV coating
As machined
Powder Coating
Silk screening
Laser engraving
UV coating


Choosing the right materials is vital , encompassing considerations like cost, processing complexity, and potential surface treatments. Our experienced engineering team is adept at proactively addressing this challenge, even before orders are placed. This approach ensures our customers have the utmost trust in the final quality of their products. We strive for professional and informative communication to meet our clients’ needs.


We have experienced material technology engineers to provide you with instant quotes for over 100 metals, like carbon steel, tool steel, aluminum, brass, etc, and to compare prices for different processed materials.



We work with large material suppliers and are able to offer instant quotes for over 200 high-quality plastics and compare prices for different processed materials for you. Good materials are the foundation of quality.


Our Quality Control

CapableMachining boasts a well-established quality assurance framework and a team of skilled technical engineers who diligently oversee every aspect of our product manufacturing process – from obtaining high-quality natural ingredients to delivering impeccable finished goods that encompass metals and plastics. To maintain our dedication to greatness, we extensively utilize state-of-the-art testing technology and cutting-edge equipment to meticulously evaluate crucial parameters such as workpiece dimensions, hardness, tensile strength, and elongation at every stage of production. We strive to maintain utmost control over these data points to consistently meet and surpass the expectations of our esteemed clientele.

Professional quality control Engineer

Tolerances up to ±0.0004″ (0.01mm)

State-of-the-art Inspection Facilities

Proven and reliable quality control system.

Other capabilities

plastic injection molding
  • Free & Automatic DFM feedback
  • Tolerances: typically +/- 0.15mm or +/-0.006 inch
  • Tooling: 30 days
sheet metal fabrication
  • Free advices from high trained engineers.
  • Quotation in a few hours.leading time 3 days
  • Fast delivery time
high pressure die casting
  • Tolerances: typically +/- 0.15mm or +/-0.006 inch
  • Free consultant ,Free DFM feedback
  • Casting lead time: 5~7 days
3d printing
  • Wide range of material choices
  • Free consultant from engineers
  • Fastest leading time: 1 day
rapid tooling
  • Free & Automatic DFM feedback
  • Tolerances up to ±0.00078″ (0.02mm)
  • Rapid tooling: 7~12 days

From [quick|fast|speedy] prototyping to [large-scale|mass] production, we specializse in manufacturing products with complex geometries and stringent aesthetic standards. With the expertise of skilled professionals and the capability of advanced technology, we offer comprehensive on-demand manufacturing services. Experienced ability enables us to meet a wide range of manufacturing requirements from our clients, ensuring precision, complexity, and aesthetics.


How to Get CNC Machining Services in Colorado

Imagine having the ability to transform your design ideas into reality with precision and efficiency. CNC machining services in Colorado can make this a reality for you. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining is a manufacturing process that uses pre-programmed computer software to control machining tools and operations. Whether you need prototyping or mass production services, Colorado offers a wide range of CNC machining options. In this article, we will explore how you can access these services.

Research and Identify CNC Machining Companies

The first step to getting CNC machining services in Colorado is to research and identify reputable companies. Look for businesses that have a proven track record in CNC machining, as well as positive reviews from previous clients. Consider their expertise in the particular type of machining you require and ensure they have the necessary certifications and equipment.

Request for Quotes and Compare

Contact the shortlisted companies and request quotes for your project. Provide them with your design specifications and any other requirements. Once you receive the quotes, carefully compare them, taking into consideration factors such as price, turnaround time, and quality. Be sure to ask about any additional services they offer, such as finishing or assembly.

Visit CNC Machining Facilities

If possible, schedule a visit to the facilities of your top choices. This will give you a firsthand look at their equipment and capabilities. You can also meet with their team and discuss your project in detail. During the visit, pay attention to cleanliness, organization, and the overall professionalism of the company.

Make an Informed Decision

Based on your research, quotes, and facility visits, make an informed decision about the CNC machining company you will work with. Consider not only the price but also the quality of their workmanship, their reliability in meeting deadlines, and their communication skills.


Accessing CNC machining services in Colorado is easier than ever before. By researching and identifying reputable companies, requesting and comparing quotes, visiting machining facilities, and making an informed decision, you will be on your way to turning your design ideas into reality. Take your time in selecting the right CNC machining company for your project, and enjoy the benefits of precision and efficiency that this technology can offer. Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or designer, CNC machining services in Colorado can help bring your visions to life.


  1. Jaydon: aluminum motor housings by your CNC machining services have proven to be a game-changer for us. YourCNC milling services exceeded our expectations, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance. Thank you for your attention to detail and expertise.

  2. Reggie: Our experience with your CNC machining services for titanium medical implants was outstanding. The wonderful design and flawless execution speak volumes about your capabilities. These parts have seamlessly integrated into our products, enhancing their functionality.

  3. Denis: stainless steel flanges by your CNC machining services have proven to be a game-changer for us. The longevity and wear resistance of these parts have exceeded our expectations. We appreciate your commitment to delivering superior products. Maeve

  4. Emilia: The aluminum motor housings produced by your CNC machining services showcase exceptional craftsmanship. The smooth operation and durability of these gears have significantly enhanced the performance of our machinery. Exceptional work! Brendan

  5. Faye: Our experience with your CNC machining services for brass connectors was outstanding. The precision and conductivity of these components have greatly contributed to the reliability of our systems. We look forward to future collaborations.

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