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Die casting include:  Hot chamber die casting and cold chamber die casting .

Hot chamber die casting, also referred to as gooseneck casting, boasts remarkable efficiency with a rapid casting cycle lasting merely 15 to 20 minutes. This method facilitates the high-volume production of intricate components.

On the other hand, the cold chamber die casting process plays a crucial role in mitigating heat-related issues and addressing corrosion concerns in the machine’s plunger and related components.

Furthermore, this process finds its primary application in working with alloys possessing high melting points, such as aluminum, magnesium, certain copper alloys, and ferrous alloys.


Minimizing Defects in High Pressure Die Casting

High Pressure Die Casting

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Investment Casting vs Die Casting

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Low-Pressure Die Casting: Simple Explained

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What is Die Casting Mold?

Die casting mold

Mold is Important for Die Casting Types of Die-Casting Molds Prototyping dies High-pressure die casting prototyping dies Production dies Unit dies Trim dies Mold Design Process Preliminary phase Number of Cavities Projection Area Product Volume and Shape Injection channels Type…

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